How to answer the 10 most common interview questions you're ever likely to face.
Learn how to answer the 10 most common interview questions you'll face, in incredible detail.  

Download this guide now and learn how to answer:
#1.   Tell Me About Yourself
#2.   Why Should We Hire You?
#3.   What Is Your Biggest Weakness?
#4.   What Is Your Biggest Strength?
#5.   What Do You Know About Our Company?
#6.   Why Do You Want To Work For This Company?
#7.   Why Are You Leaving Your Current Workplace?
#8.   What Salary Are You Looking For?
#9.   Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?
#10.   Do You Have Any Questions For Us?
Decades of recruitment experience, all at your fingertips.
The Interview Academy's Guides and Courses have been created by a team of seasoned recruitment veterans, who have seen it all before.  Between them, they have been in recruitment for over 90 years and have personally interviewed over 30,000 people.  They have coached tens of thousands of job seekers on what questions to expect in an interview and the best ways to answer them to help them get the job.
James Ball
James has spent a large part of his career coaching companies on what questions to ask in an interview - and uses that for your benefit.
Anthony Hughes
Since his first job in sales recruitment in 1996, Anthony has coached huge numbers of people on the core interview basics.
Mark Wilkinson
A specialist in sales and technical recruitment, Mark has trained thousands of interviewees on how to answer difficult interview questions.
Charles Trivett
Our resident IT recruitment expert, Charles supports the Interview Academy with his knowledge on how to ace technical interviews.
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